Look! Free seasonal screen-savery-shenizzle

Been a bit more motivated to do some stuff just for fun lately so thought I’d let you lovely lot benefit from this too (hurrah!) So here are some free seasonal desktops & screen savers. Please feel free to download & share & Just let me know if you need any other formats or dimensions for your devices. I just ask that you please credit me or point people in my general direction if asked – Thanks :)

First off the bat (the blood thirsty kind of course – ahahahahaaaah …um) is Halloweeeeeen. Spoooooky.



It’s the biggy… hope you all have a lovely warm & fuzzy one x


another option…



Poster illustration for ‘Gilead’

Poster illustration for 'Gilead'

A recently completed commission for ‘Gilead’.

Co-Written by Jo McKinney-Green & Tamsin Urquhart. This is an original production inspired by Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ to be performed for Brighton Fringe 2014 at the Brighton Friends Meeting House @ 7:30 on Wed 7th, Thu 8th & Fri 9th May 2014.

An illustration with the right drama took some development for such a powerful production. Look out for posters around Brighton.


Freebeeee! Desktop Calendar illustrations just for you

A very Merry December to you all! Hope you have a lovely one. Can’t believe I actually made it to a years worth of these bad bwoiees, some stronger than others and some very late but a whole set none the less.

2014 marks a big new year for me, leaving work and England for a new country, a new start and maybe even a Hong Kong inspired set of calendar desktop illustrationssss (?)… watch this space.



Here’s November…


Very late, and a bit random! Happy October (what’s left of it)


Nearly forgot September! Here’s a toad with a jet pack


Here’s August, a bit airy fairy


July x


Sorry it’s a bit late. Here’s June x

Desktop Calendar June 2013 Fox

Memememay! Yeyeyeyay!


t’s April! There’s got to be a sun up there somewhere…


May your March be springy and green…


February is here! And so is a rather moody looking tiger on a cold but crispy day. Happy desktop to you.


Bit late on this one oops! But got to love a freebee desktop calendar illustration to remind you of dates and make your computer look purrdy.

Will try and add to these every month. Let me know if you need any different dimensions for your devices x

Desktop Calendar January


E4 e-sting submission

After improving their submission process and changing the rules about music, had another go this year and guess what?? RUNNER UP! You can now catch this puppy intermittently on E4 for a year – woohoo!

Thought I’d have a bash at a 10 second sting for the E4 competition. Thanks to Reeda Sounds for the super massive smash up backing track. Set the slightly disturbed style prrretty nicely, although on submission day system went down – epic E4 fail. Here’s my entry anyways…

Eee Thats Gotta Sting from Kate Chesterton on Vimeo.