The 100 Day Project

After seeing a few bits flying around on Instagram, decided to take part in this years 100 Day Project. It’s about committing to a creative daily practice everyday for 100 days.

I often get very frustrated when my work doesn’t look or come together exactly the way I want it to, and thought this could be a really valuable exercise in being less precious and  just creating for the enjoyment of it.

I’ve chosen surface patterns & mark making for my theme & I’ll update this post with new images as they progress.





Very VERY happy to announce I have been accepted to take part in Illustrated17!
An exciting illustration exhibition showcasing new & contemporary artwork coupled with vibrant programme of live art, music, workshops & prints for sale.
Please come along and say hello if you can!
Here’s a little glimpse at some of the limited edition prints to be shown & for sale:

Christmas Greetings

I’ve recently become a supplier for card designs at Thortful, so this year I thought I’d have a go at a bit of a handmade-digital hybrid for Christmas cards.

I’ve still kept with the scissors & glue, hand cutting the main shapes and background out of found & collected papers. The line work has then been added digitally to these elements once scanned so cards maintain their hand created quality but each design comes out clean & crisp & can be used more than once.

These can be purchased online here or I have had some printed beautifully by the clever people at moo. So a limited run of six designs complete with crisp white envelopes can be had for £10 with £2 P&P in the UK.

Please get in touch if you would like any!


*All designs copyright of Kate Chesterton 2016

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New Year & a New Desktop Project

Happy 2016! Welcome to a new year and a new free desktop project. Please feel free to download, share and customise your gadgets with these bespoke illustrated wallpapers but please be nice, credit me or use or use this original link wherever possible. Thanks & enjoy!

This year has started with a cold snap, so we will too. Hope you’re staying cozy wherever you may be.

WordPress seems to have unfortunately changed its image handling, so you can’t save the full size version directly from here so I’ve also put it up on my website, where you can right click & save image at full size:





Ellie & James’ Wedding Invitations

These custom designed invitations were created especially to accompany Ellie & James’ beautiful winter wedding with red & silver theme. Carefully hand cut & assembled, the gate fold invitations contained a set of three inside cards, which picked out seasonal key design elements requested by the bride, some special touches of hand rendered calligraphy and finished with a silver ribbon seal.


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