Chinese New Year Animation

Had a chance to start messing around animating in After Effects after putting it off for FAR TOO LONG. Turns out, it’s very very clever isn’t it. Must do more this year, which is also very shortly to be the lunar new year of the goat/sheep/ram. Which should hopefully bring life renewal, peace & harmony to us all – baaaaah, isn’t that nice :) x

Here’s a little animated greeting I’ve done for Work Group Ltd to say Happy Lunar New Year to their customers for 2015.


Glimpse of a graphic novel

Having recently finished a very personal birthday commission involving a post-apocalyptic world, friends turned to zombies & a comic page format (obviously!) and it being very different to my own personal style, I had to look for inspiration & guidance from the birthday boy’s graphic novel collection.

I hadn’t explored graphic novels at all really apart from the Hewlett & Martins Tank Girl book I nicked from my sister’s boyfriend when I was 13 ( & still treasure as one of my most prized possessions… ). But thinking about it, it was possibly one of my biggest influences as an illustrator growing up so realised I should give them at least a little feature along side the final artwork.

1edb65b2-b355-4481-a205-3a7ca08d9137Included in the collection was a LOT of editions of the Walking Dead, an ongoing black-and-white American comic book series created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. Tony Moore’s ink work is incredible & manages to convey every movement, expression & flesh-losing (non)dead person with a finesse I can only daydream about. Proper job.


Another one that caught my eye was Saga Volume 1, written by Brian K. Vaughan & illustrated by Fiona Staples. The artwork had a narrative, clean and beautifully composed style that made me read & admire the whole thing all in one sitting.


I will be taking a much keener interest in that comic collection from now on that’s for sure. If you have any recommendations for graphic novels with kick ass illustration please comment below – thanks!

Here’s my offering:


New website is a go-go!

Introducing my new professional folio website…

Still ironing out a bit of the content & structure but getting there!


Now I will look to keep finished pieces & professional gubbins over there & get to use this blog like a proper actual blog… not taken too long (!)

Be sure to check out both for updated content & amend your bookmark URLs.

Thanks v much :)


Look! Free seasonal screen-savery-shenizzle

Been a bit more motivated to do some stuff just for fun lately so thought I’d let you lovely lot benefit from this too (hurrah!) So here are some free seasonal desktops & screen savers. Please feel free to download & share & Just let me know if you need any other formats or dimensions for your devices. I just ask that you please credit me or point people in my general direction if asked – Thanks :)

First off the bat (the blood thirsty kind of course – ahahahahaaaah …um) is Halloweeeeeen. Spoooooky.


It’s the biggy… hope you all have a lovely warm & fuzzy one x


another option…





A recently completed commission for ‘Gilead’.
Co-Written by Jo McKinney-Green & Tamsin Urquhart. This is an original production inspired by Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ & was performed for Brighton Fringe 2014.
An illustration with the right drama took some development for such a powerful production. Here are a couple of iterations.