Glimpse of a graphic novel

Having recently finished a very personal birthday commission involving a post-apocalyptic world, friends turned to zombies & a comic page format (obviously!) and it being very different to my own personal style, I had to look for inspiration & guidance from the birthday boy’s graphic novel collection.

I hadn’t explored graphic novels at all really apart from the Hewlett & Martins Tank Girl book I nicked from my sister’s boyfriend when I was 13 ( & still treasure as one of my most prized possessions… ). But thinking about it, it was possibly one of my biggest influences as an illustrator growing up so realised I should give them at least a little feature along side the final artwork.

1edb65b2-b355-4481-a205-3a7ca08d9137Included in the collection was a LOT of editions of the Walking Dead, an ongoing black-and-white American comic book series created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. Tony Moore’s ink work is incredible & manages to convey every movement, expression & flesh-losing (non)dead person with a finesse I can only daydream about. Proper job.


Another one that caught my eye was Saga Volume 1, written by Brian K. Vaughan & illustrated by Fiona Staples. The artwork had a narrative, clean and beautifully composed style that made me read & admire the whole thing all in one sitting.


I will be taking a much keener interest in that comic collection from now on that’s for sure. If you have any recommendations for graphic novels with kick ass illustration please comment below – thanks!

Here’s my offering:



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