Modern Myths

Wanted to try and develop more storytelling & atmosphere for this years desktop project. So I thought I’d re-interpret some ancient myths & stories. Here’s the first – Icarus.

Also entered for this week’s topic the the Illustration Friday art challenge website


Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions for the next ones.


Love Cats Craft


As well as creating the artwork for lovely organiser Sarah Crosier at LoveCatsCraft. I’ve gone & got me a little table! Please come down to Brighton town this Sunday for prints, cards & other illustrated goodies as well as plenty of tea & cake and other beautiful products by local creative folk! xx


Porgi the Dog


Meet Porgi the Pig Dog.

I’ve had an ember of an idea for a children’s book intermittently in the back of my head for a little while now.

I’m lucky enough to have been pretty busy since setting up as a freelancer in 2016 & have found plenty of the usual excuses not to have really made any kind of proper start  – BUT I think it’s so important to have a little something to do for yourself away from corporate land to keep your artistic appetite going. As hard as it is sometimes to motivate yourself to be creative when you’ve had eight hours at your desk doing it for someone else – let’s try to try a bit harder.

Here’s what I’ve got so far. Quite a way to go!


Free seasonal desktops

Here are some free seasonal desktops & screen savers. Please feel free to download & share & Just let me know if you need any other formats or dimensions for your devices. I just ask that you please credit me or point people in my general direction if asked. Thanks & enjoy!




The wonders of Orlyland

Was set a fantastic brief for a custom illustration by my friend’s six year old daughter, Orla. Now a big, beautiful gyclee print sitting proudly on her bedroom wall. Welcome to Orlyland…



E4 e-sting submission

After improving their submission process and changing the rules about music, had another go this year and guess what?? RUNNER UP! You can now catch this puppy intermittently on E4 for a year – woohoo!





Previous version:

Thought I’d have a bash at a 10 second sting for the E4 competition. Thanks to Reeda Sounds for the super massive smash up backing track. Set the slightly disturbed style prrretty nicely, although on submission day system went down – epic E4 fail. Here’s my entry anyways…

Eee Thats Gotta Sting from Kate Chesterton on Vimeo.